About Us

How it all began?

UWA was designed in Slovenia - Europe. The initial idea was set by Fred Uduma, a Slovenian, originally from Nigeria.The concept of social network, seeking to give Africa and the World a social network that captures Afrocentric expression, Culture, and Way of life in a original form of social network, where content is created by people and people only - seemed fantastic.

Soon a question was raised. If the USA has its own social networks, if Europe has own social networks, if China has own social networks, how come Africa does not have one? It made us wonder. We checked. Found nothing. We asked around, found nothing. We told the idea to business partners, people around us, friends, family. Everyone was super excited. 

So we have gained start-up capital by two private investors, found a team, started development, started a legal entity under Slovenian / European Laws and Regulations. And after almost two years, 7 months of BETA testing, we are ready for our first official release. Android and iOS.

Because we love Africa. Because we love people. Because we love being social.

What is next?

UWA roadmap is too long to be in this section, so we will stick to short term goals. We plan marketing activities, business cooperation with influencers who would help us promote UWA, we plan to develop it further and further, so it would run smoothly even on low data, always having a security and privacy in mind. 

While the team works hard on all aspects, we are looking for users. Users who would help us build the community of people who care. While being overpopulated by mainstream copy pasted media news, UWA wants to be THE CHANGE that social media users are looking for. Giving local journalists / individuals the opportunity to be themselves. Promoting their talent, their hobbies, their work or their way of life. As an artists, musicians, developers, history enthusiasts, bloggers...

What happens on UWA, stays on UWA!

UWA social feed and CHAT are hidden to corporations, so if you talk about sneakers, you will not be spammed by sneakers on the social feed over and over again. For those who know more about online security - our CHAT is encrypted. Your phone makes a key for your messages. Without your phone, nobody can read your private conversations. Except the other person in your private chat, of course. 

What about UWA CC?

Everyone has heard about crypto currencies. A lot of people has heard about NFT. We did not want to go either way. Although we took some parts of both worlds and combine it to a quite known currency. Cash Coupon. But there is a plot twist. UWA will not issue more than 2.000.000 coupons. And to be sure - you will always be able to sell it on a UWA marketplace or exchange it for UWA© branded merchandise or app add-ons. And to be double sure, each UWA CC has its own serial number and its own invoice. Read more here.

Here are company details:


Cesnikova ulica 14

1000 Ljubljana

Slovenia - Europe

VAT: SI80026010 *verified

Registration number: 8847231000

Registration date: 07.04.2021

Contact email:

Contact phone: +386 01 777 88 99