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The Pan-African Social Network

Connecting Africa and African Descent around the World!

Your thoughts, your memories, your creativity. In a original form of Social Media.

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Uwa Social Uwa Social

What is UWA?

Uwa Social

Android and iOS light-weight mobile app, with first class user experience, enabling you to keep in touch with family and friends anytime and anywhere.

Uwa Social

It is not only one more social network. It is so much more. From music creativity, to football scores. From marketplace to health tips. And your UWallet.

Uwa Social

It is just the beginning for UWA. We have lots of work to do ahead of us and are excited to reveal tons of new experiences and content soon - like UWallet, etc.


My thoughts. My love. My Africa.

UWA Social network

Share your thoughts, go on a date, make friends, create memories. All conversations are encrypted, stored securely - you alone have the key because it's about you and you only.


Want to be creative? Want to know who won the football match? Need updated information on exchange rates? Wish to send money or earn from Crypto (UWACoin)? there is no other place like UWA Hub, loaded with more and more widgets.

UWA Marketplace

Are you a service provider? Are you trading with shoes, clothes, furniture, phones and accessories, or any kind of product both used and new? Upload your products, enter a price and a pickup location or delivery option, and earn some money!

Uwa Social

About us

We are young entrepreneurs seeking to give Africa and the world a social network / social hub that captures Afrocentric expression, culture, and way of life. 

For potential investors and business partners:

If you find UWA attractive for potential business cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us. We are on the lookout for potential partners in marketing, payment processing, banking, sport/news coverage. If you think you would jump in with the potential investment, ramp-up could be a discussable option in relation to a potential share. Sounds interesting? Write us at investments@uwasocial.com or call +234 9058987800.