More about UWA CC!

What is it?

Everyone has heard about crypto currencies. A lot of people has heard about NFT. We did not want to go either way. Although we took some parts of both worlds and combine it into a quite known currency. A coupon. But as a digital image, with unique serial number and unique block of letters, numbers and special characters (hash). And we named it UWA CC.

UWA CC can be bought, spent. or traded in UWA mobile application, that you can download on Google Play or AppStore or via In both cases you have to be a registered user of UWA. Unspent UWA CC are stored in your wallet. 

Each UWA CC has its own serial number and its own tag. For each UWA CC user gets an invoice. Main goal of UWA CC is marketing and awareness. 

How many coupons will be issued?

UWA has issued 2.000.000 cash coupons, that could be used on UWA marketplace, sold or traded.

For each sold coupon, the price of the next one will slightly change. The number of available UWA CC can be tracked on UWA marketplace under Coupons section.

Coupons were released as described:

     1 UCC =  1.000.000x

      2 UCC =    550.000x

      5 UCC =    330.000x

    10 UCC =    110.000x

  100 UCC =        7.000x

  500 UCC =        2.500x

1000 UCC =           500x

The table is final.

After all the UWA cash coupons are spent, no more coupons will be issued.

All coupon will be issued under UWA CONNECT LLC., a legal entity under Slovenian / European Laws and Regulations

All coupon prices have VAT included.

Company details:


Cesnikova ulica 14

1000 Ljubljana

Slovenia - Europe

VAT: SI80026010 *verified

Registration number: 8847231000

Registration date: 07.04.2021

Contact email:

Contact phone: +386 01 777 88 99